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We whole-heartedly believe in you trusting in the highest choice of your soul. All of our products are designed with this intention and in honour of your potential. Please consider carefully your capacity to commit to this investment before purchasing. We believe in the self-responsibility and commitment to your choices. For this reason, we do not offer refunds or cancellation of payment plans. Please consider your purchase carefully.
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I'm so ready for Sacred Selling!

I understand when I sign up to Sacred Selling, I will receive the following:

Mature relationship dynamics between your leadership and the field of your soul work

Honouring your current resource levels and tending to your own regeneration and connection

Teaching on the unique energy flows of your expansion codes & how to harness your magnetic, wild, abundant, deeply embodied self

Energetic activations to instantly tap you into your soul source

Guidance on connecting with your big why & legacy vision, including how to activate a potent soul channel for free-flow expression

Clarity on how to attune to your client's desires, to activate others in your marketing and to invite wild collaboration for your clients

Discourse on the new economies of feminised & abundant leadership & being a maverick who doesn't play by the social media + online business rules

Activation of your innovation and curiosity/playfulness to welcome new opportunities for creating community in unexpected ways

A new energetic template & somatic currency for your expression & receivership


Katherine Mackenzie Smith
Intuitive Biz Coach
“The way I show up in the world, hold space for my clients, and support them in their own expansion is unlike anything I've experienced before. Don't think about it - don't let your mind decide - feel into the energy of the Soul Medicine Academy and let your soul lead you right through the doors.”
Nazira Sacasa
Body Acceptance Advocate

“Learning these techniques and embodiment practices has helped me connect with my soul and her desires, and I’ve started earthing my souls work. Melissa is an incredible teacher and space holder. Being in Soul Medicine Academy has been a transformational experience. I am so grateful I took the leap."